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Special Track


Public Figure

You As Your Own Brand

From acting, hosting and being one of Nigeria’s foremost media personalities, I have discovered gems that are necessary to own one’s personal brand. Join me in this interactive session as I share these gems with you.

Track A



The Humanity in our Mentality

We forget that a lot of times. I don’t have fancy quotes or mentor highlights, all I have is my personal experience in Trusting the inner light to not just believe and achieve alone but to also recognize achievements in a world of many definitions. We shall have a brief session about habits we have that may stray our mentality from the very core of its humanity.

The Art of Influence

The privilege of having the ability to influence people is one truly to cherish. From learning how to gain influence to maintaining it by evolving to master the necessary strategies for growth, join me in this close-knit session.


How to tell Great Stories

Every story has a hero. Contrary to popular opinion, the hero of your personal brand’s story is not you. You have to keep this in mind and apply it to everything as you interact with your customers or audience. It’s not enough to be interesting, you have to be interested. Join me at CultivARTe 2019 to get fresh insight on how to tell stories people want to listen to.

Digital Marketer

Badass Brand Growth on Instagram, From 0-100!

A strong Instagram presence is a crucial component of any brand that aspires to any significant measure of success. Join me at my interactive session where I’ll present a live presentation on how the Instagram algorithm works and how, by understanding it, you will now have the secrets to improving your followership, engagement and sales on the platform! You will be leaving with the apps, marketing strategies and content ideas you need to take your brand growth from 0-100 on Instagram. See you there!

Track B


Entrepreneur + Author

LIMBO: The Moment between where You are now, and where You'll be "soon".

You may be at a point in your life where you get this frustrating feeling that you’re stuck and waiting for something progressive to happen. Your life is neither moving backward, nor forward. You’re just standing somewhere in the middle – in limbo. This limbo is not allowing you to make plans, or leverage opportunities that come your way, because you’re continuously thinking about the future, and struggle to live in the present. In this mind opening session, I’ll be addressing WHAT it means to be in Limbo, WHY you’re in Limbo, and HOW to get out of it. If you’re in limbo, and feel restless about it, you should attend this session, as I’ll teach you how to leap out of it and go out to become all that you are truly meant to be in this world.

Global Brand Executive + Speaker

Sit Down and Do Your Work

So many creatives and soon to be entrepreneurs have plenty of great ideas but don’t know how to turn that into actual impact or business results. This session will walk prednisone you through how I took a business idea I had during a summer internship in 2012 and turned it into a Pan-African media brand with clients and speaking opportunities across the globe by 2019. Join this session if you’re ready to turn your creative ideas into something tangible and learn how to sit down and do your work.

Coaching + Professional Development

Lifestyle Networking

Networking is a vital part of growth. Join us in this interactive session as we talk about speed networking discuss major networking tips and share networking stories. You’ll leave this session armed with key tips on how to make networking a lifestyle.

FinTech Professional

The Rich Ink

“Accumulating money for the sake of a number prednisone misses the point entirely — life should be treated as a story you are writing, and money should be the ink that helps you write, not the story itself.” Through relatable stories, this session will focus on why it takes more than the everyday money culture and tips to actually build wealth. It’ll shatter what you thought was right and replace them with what’s actually right.