Tutu Adetunmbi


Tutu Adetunmbi literally stumbled on her passion for Content Marketing and Digital Media and slowly realised that her strengths were in Content marketing and Strategy with a focus on Instagram Marketing.

In 2018, Tutu founded the platform ‘The Digital Tinker’, an online community that helps you find success in the world of Instagram Marketing. She has built a thriving online community that is helping personal brands and business owners, big and small, take charge of their social media marketing strategies. She is also the Co-Founder of YDT Media, A Real-time Digital content marketing and strategy company that has presented revolutionary content campaigns for numerous brands.

Now, with a passion for strategy, analytics and social media, Tutu continues to inspire others with her love for the industry, while continuing to consult for various industries and find creativity and innovation in this 21st century phenomenon.

Social media is her passion, and her job!