Karika Yonreme & Glory Edozien


Glory Edozien

Glory Edozien (PhD) is the founder of Inspired by Glory Academy, a coaching academy which teaches career women how to network so they can enter the c-suite. She is fondly known as the queen of networking and is the Lead Course Facilitator for the Academy’s Flagship online course- The Career women networking Course. She is also the founder of 9to5Chick, the networking platform for career women in Africa. Glory holds a PhD in Real Estate and Planning and is an Alumni of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers.

Karika Yonreme

Karika is an Engineer with many years of experience managing key areas of Oil & Gas projects in Africa, Dubai, Europe and South America. In addition to her valuable contributions in the Energy industry, she is also the Co-founder of Cercle Management, whose service offerings in bespoke events management, content development and brand management, have created winning business strategies for their clients.
A recipient of numerous awards such as "Chevron Engineering Scholarship", "TS Top 5 Global Future Leaders award" etc  She is passionate about knowledge sharing and impacting others, the enthusiasm to see everyone win led to establishing Karika.Republic.  Through this platform, she has invested her time and financial resources in empowering & educating over 1200 professionals and entrepreneurs in the past 3 years. Through conferences and sessions on strategic networking & personal branding. The result has been several testimonials of increased visibility and sales, career advancement and the general socio-economic improvement of her clients.